Logan's 5th Birthday (in Heaven) Gift-Away Project

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Logan's 5th Birthday in Heaven Gift Away Project - Donating 77 (and counting) angel wing ornaments to be given to grieving parents in the Grayson, Kentucky area.

As soon as my rainbow baby’s birthday passed at the beginning of August, my mom brain immediately started thinking about Logan’s.

This year marks 5 years since he was stillborn. If he were still here, 5 would be a big deal - and even though he isn’t here, it still is. I should be planning a party for my big boy, not dreading the month of September and dragging my grief around like an even bigger ball and chain than it already is.

So, I set to work brainstorming ways to make Logan’s 5th Angelversary super special - when it finally dawned on me that the perfect idea has kinda been hiding under my nose this whole time.

The lovely little wing ornaments, featuring the pink and blue swirled hearts for pregnancy and infant loss awareness, have been a popular item in my shop for a while. They’ve been included in many care package and donation programs over the last year and I finally had the light bulb moment that I could make a set to give away in memory of my Logan!

I decided to make and donate 19 sets - one for each week that he grew under my heart, and not just inside it. I also invited my personal friends and the angel Momma friends I have made through my work creating memorial keepsakes to see if anyone else was interested in purchasing a set to add to my donation.

To date (September 12, 2018) - I have had 77 total donations (including my own) and I am so very honored and humbled to include so many precious little one's in Logan's Birthday Project. In many ways, this project has felt like planning a birthday party for him - and getting to invite lots of other little angels to join us. 

Logan's 5th Birthday is September 29th, so I still have a week left to take donations - I will be donating these locally, to the funeral home that tenderly took the best of care of us when we are going through the terrible ordeal of planning Logan's funeral and burial. 

If you're interested in donating - here's some details: 

I normally sell these in my shop for $12 each, but if you would like to sponsor/donate a set to be included in Logan's Angelversary Gift-Away, you can purchase them for only $5 each, now through September 20th.

Each set that's donated includes a link to my shop and a special discount for their own memorial doll, an invitation to join the Grief and Loss Support group I host on Facebook, and if you sponsor a donation - I would be honored to include a little note that tells the gift recipient that the ornament was donated in your baby's memory. (Ex.: "Donated In Memory Of Logan Forrest" or "Baby Pennington")

Additionally, I will be snapping a pic of each donated ornament next to the donation card, to provide all sponsors with a special keepsake to remember that their little angel was included in Logan's Birthday Project. (Keep scrolling and check back here - and on my Facebook and Instagram - to see guest donations as they are added.) 

To donate before time runs out - contact me on FB, IG, or email me at  athreadrunsthruitky@gmail.com with the quantity you would like to donate, and name(s) or the babies you are donating in memory of, and I will get a Paypal invoice sent out to you soon. 

Thanks to those who have already donated - and to those who will soon. It is such an honor to have your precious babies included in this project. 

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  • Jolie Smith on

    I absolutely want to donate an angel wings ornament in memory of your son Logan and my son Micah (so 2 ornaments).. just let me know how ♡

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