FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you create a custom design for me?

      I absolutely love working on custom designs! It means so much to me to be able to create a custom piece that is an extra special reminder of the loved one your have lost. Sometimes though, I am limited by what I can do to a design, so it is always best to contact me before ordering to discuss your needs and receive a price quote. Bear in mind too, that custom designs do sometimes cost more to cover the additional time and materials required to create your custom keepsake.

      How much does a custom keepsake cost?

      The cost varies from one design to the next, but you can see prices for basic designs by viewing the shop main page. Some add-ons may cost a bit more due to the additional time and materials required. You may message me anytime to discuss ideas and receive a price quote. Or send me a screenshot of something you see on my IG feed and I can give you a price quote that way!

      Do you sculpt from a photograph?

      Yes and no - creating an exact replica at such a small scale is SUPER hard. Additionally, I use silicone molds to hand mold some of my doll designs - this cuts down on production time and keeps costs a little lower than if I sculpted from scratch each time. But the nature of the hand-molding process means I must sculpt in the fine details of every doll's face after removal from the molds. Sometimes I can also recreate certain, special facial features from a photograph; features like deep dimples, prominent brows, cleft lip/palates, or specially formed arms and legs. To find out if your special sculpting needs can be met, contact me before ordering and send me a photo of your loved one. I promise I won't share the photo with anyone else.

      How long does it take to receive on order after it is placed?

      That largely depends on which exact design you order, as well as my current waiting list length. Processing times for each design are listed in each product description. Bear in mind that more complicated designs require additional time to create. If you need your order by a specific date, please contact me before ordering to discuss whether your needs can be met or not.

      Can I get my order sooner?

      Sometimes I can work an order in ahead of time, but not always. I also charge an additional rush upgrade fee to cover the extra time I spend to work in a rush order - that is the only fair way I can justify bumping a new order ahead of orders that have been on my waiting list already. It's best to contact me before ordering to make sure your needed by deadline can be met. 

      How true are the provided color samples for skin tones, outfit colors, heart colors, etc. ?

      Colors may vary slightly from what you see on screen - this is largely due to differences in the colors modes on different screens. However, the darker skin tones and some of the colors used on baby clothes and hearts are not color recipes provided by my clay supplier, but are custom mixes that I create myself. Because of the custom mixes and constantly changing color recipes that are provided by my clay supplier, there may be subtle differences from what you see on screen and how your keepsake looks in person. If you are concerned about this, or need a very specific shade to match a color that your loved one wore or was your loved one's favorite, then please just message me before ordering and I am happy to work with you to create a custom mix just for you.

      What size / how big is it?

      Sizes are available in each product listing, for each design. Due to the nature of the handmade process, the sizes listed are approximate but generally do not vary more than 1/4-inch larger or smaller. Smaller or larger sizes are not available at this time.

      What do I do if my order arrives broken or is was made incorrectly?

      I am happy to provide a refund or replacement if your order arrives broken or if I made an error on your order. Please be sure to double check all spelling and details before or immediately after ordering and contact me immediately if any changes should be made. I cannot offer refunds or replacements if you give me incorrect details - only if I am the one who makes the mistake. For refunds or replacement of items damaged during shipping, please contact me immediately after opening your order with photographs of both the damaged item and the shipping box it arrived in. The photographs allow me to file a claim with my shipping insurance provider to ensure we are both compensated for the damages, either monetarily or with replacement items.

      How can I contact you?

      If you have additional questions or would like to discuss a custom order, just send me an email at athreadrunsthruitky@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Questions or emails received over the weekend may not be answered until Mondays. Thanks for understanding & I look forward to hearing about and working on a special keepsake for your loved one. <3 Sarah