Our Story

I began creating clay angel baby keepsakes after unfortunately experiencing the heartache of losing a child to stillbirth.

After several years trying to conceive, my husband and I were overjoyed to discover in the spring of 2013 that we were finally expecting our first little bundle.

But our joy turned to utter heartbreak when our son was stillborn that September at only 19 weeks gestation, due to what I would be diagnosed with as an incompetent cervix (also sometimes referred to as cervical insufficiency).

Our precious angel baby, stillborn at 19 weeks gestation on September 29, 2013

We were beyond blessed to welcome our rainbow baby into the world just shy of a year later. But as any grieving parent can attest, one child does not replace another who has been lost.

I was struggling with postpartum depression and still grieving deeply for the little boy we had lost. Although I had my precious rainbow baby to take care of, I still needed a positive and productive project to pour my soul into.

The previous Christmas, our first after Logan was stillborn, my mom made a clay angel baby ornament for us in his memory. I loved it so much, and it brought me so much comfort to hang on our tree and see it sitting on his little memorial shelf throughout the year.

I knew other parents would love having their own special keepsakes made in memory of their babies, so a year after our loss, my mom and I began creating clay angel babies and memorial ornaments for other grieving parents.

To date, I have had the honor to sculpt keepsakes in memory of nearly 2000 precious angel babies and in turn brought a tiny bit of comfort to just as many grieving families and bereaved parents. It's helped me in my own grieving and healing to connect with other loss moms and dads, to find a tribe that knows the painful path I have walked and to let others know they're not alone.